1. Safety


Our staff at Ultimate Tradesmen are highly qualified.

As a combined workforce we possess the following certifications:

  • Principles of Health & Safety Management
  • Leadership for Safety Excellence
  • Flagperson Training Program
  • Auditor Training Program
  • NCSO
  • Standard First Aid – Level C CPR and AED (2011 Protocol)


This basic course is designed for those involved day-to-day operations where workers and the public are exposed to hazards created by vehicles and/or equipment. Safety precautions must be in place for the protection of those who come into contact with construction zones.

The objectives and outcomes for this course are:

  • To train workers with no prior knowledge or experience in flagging
  • To teach the importance of the flag station and the flag person’s location
  • To advise of responsibilities for the protection of the public and co-workers
  • To identify correct flagging practices and procedures, clothing and equipment
  • To instruct on communication with co-workers and the public
  • To instruct on dealing with emergency vehicles


This four-hour training course is consistent with CSA Guidelines, Fall-Arrest Systems Practical Essentials as well as relevant regulations within the province.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Regulations
  • Equipment Selection, Inspection and Care
  • Fall Restraint vs. Fall Arrest
  • Anchor Systems and Anchor Points
  • Vertical Life Lines and Horizontal Life Lines
  • Importance of a Pro-Active Safety Attitude
  • How to Use Equipment


This half-day course covers the requirements for generic WHMIS training.

Topics presented include:

  • WHMIS Legislation and Regulations
  • Workers Responsibilities and Rights
  • Labelling
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Worker Education Program Requirements
  • Safe Storage
  • Handling of Hazardous Materials in the workplace

Years of Expertise

The Ultimate Group was developed and designed around the needs of Contractors and light industrial users. We supply the General Labour and Skilled Craftsmen you need, when and where you need them and you only pay for productive hours. Plus, you avoid the hassles and expenses associated with hiring and de-hiring. The owners developed this company with more than 60 years of combined Construction and Construction Staffing Experience and have assembled a team of experienced Managers, Account Representatives, Recruiters and HR Consultants that are dedicated to the partnership and to your success. We are not a temp agency trying to act as a construction company. We are a Construction Staffing Company that allows you the flexibility of temporary or full time staffing for all your projects. We can service your company from the first shovel in the ground, to the final cleanup of your project.

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