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We offer the best Skilled Craftsmen in all trades, at all skill levels – from Helper to Master!

It takes an average of 10 hires to find one quality worker.
Why have 9 unproductive people working for you when we can supply you with a productive worker from day one?

It’s no wonder Ultimate Tradesmen’s workforce stands out from the competition. We are building the largest and most qualified workforce in Canada. Every Craftsman must meet our high hiring standards, which includes at least 6 trades references, and will show up with their basic hand tools and proper PPE for your job. Our Craftsmen receive full MERCON benefits, industry recognized pay and Manulife RSP Match Program. If necessary, we supply specialized safety and industry training, just ask your Ultimate Tradesmen and Trades women representative! All trades available in Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Institutional.

How we can help

We allow you to minimize your labour costs by using our workers on an “as needed” basis, and only for productive hours.

Using our Skilled Craftsmen will lower your overall costs by eliminating the need to constantly run ads, interview, hire and de-hire. You will substantially lower your WCB exposure because that is now our responsibility. Other costs that are based on payroll are substantially reduced, such as general Liability, Taxes and Health Care Benefits. Because this is our specialty, we make sure we are both in compliance with the ever-changing Labour and Occupational Health and Safety legislation. For the small to midsize companies, we offer Payroll services that allow you to eliminate costly bookkeeping and accounting costs. Our safety services include job site safety evaluations and safety training.  We can even help you develop your own safety programs and best practices. With our partner companies throughout Canada and the U.S. we can serve as your one-stop-shop for all your labour needs, both skilled and general labour.

Labour Satisfaction Guarantee

Ultimate Tradesmen guarantees the worker(s) sent to your jobsite will be of the quality you expect and will have the knowledge you requested.

If in the first 2 hours, you do not feel this is the case, simply contact us and you will not be billed for any time for that individual. Then Ultimate Tradesmen will replace that worker as soon as possible.

Your satisfaction is important to us!

We can find the best talent to fill any of your staffing needs.

Select your industry from the list below and view some examples of the most popular positions we recruit for businesses like yours across the nation.

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Partner with the Ultimate Tradesmen and Trades women and see why we will be your best asset for all of your Construction Staffing needs!