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Years of Expertise

The Ultimate Group was developed and designed around the needs of Contractors and light industrial users. We supply the General Labour and Skilled Craftsmen you need, when and where you need them and you only pay for productive hours. Plus, you avoid the hassles and expenses associated with hiring and de-hiring. The owners developed this company with more than 60 years of combined Construction and Construction Staffing Experience and have assembled a team of experienced Managers, Account Representatives, Recruiters and HR Consultants that are dedicated to the partnership and to your success. We are not a temp agency trying to act as a construction company. We are a Construction Staffing Company that allows you the flexibility of temporary or full time staffing for all your projects. We can service your company from the first shovel in the ground, to the final cleanup of your project.

Our Team

Corporate Employees

Thomas Sara


Michael Berrington


Elizabeth Graves

Bookkeeper / AR

Calgary Employees

Chad Weatherall

General Manager

John Gilmour

TLC Dispatch / Office Manager

Trevor Lindsay

Operations Manager

Devon Bubb

Operations Team

Cameron Schock

Account Manager

Brent O’Neill

Account Manager

Edmonton Employees

Chris Neuman

Skilled Trades Recruiting

Breanna Osmond

Operations Team

Tammy Chula

Operations Team

Brenda Walters

Account Manager

Kelowna Office

Jeff Marshall

General Manager / Trade Recruiter

Conner Deighton

Operations Team

Kristin Nichol

General Labour Dispatch

Vancouver Employees

Scotty Souter

Managing Partner

Environmental Policy

Our primary aim is developing and maintaining a first-class environmentally responsible culture within Ultimate Tradesmen Ltd. This is driven by our goal for zero pollution incidents which is a key objective within the business. Ultimate Tradesmen remains focused on developing a positive and proactive environmental culture, not only for our own people but also for our suppliers and subcontractors.

Ultimate Tradesmen Ltd. Environmental Policy is as follows:

  • All employees will be actively encouraged to engage in environmental training and awareness programs.
  • The in-house team of environmental professionals will be maintained and developed to provide support across the company.
  • We will assess on a regular basis the environmental impact of all our operations.
  • Minimize waste, noise, and emissions to the atmosphere in all parts of our business.
  • Reduce the environmental effects our operations have on habitats, species and on natural habitats.
  • Reuse and recycle materials and packaging wherever practical.

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