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Job Seekers

Are you a Skilled Tradesmen seeking employment?

Working for a Skilled Trades Staffing Company is a relatively new concept to the Canadian market; many workers wonder why they should work for Ultimate Tradesmen?

We work with hundreds of Contractors on Commercial, Residential, and Industrial jobs.  This allows us to provide you with steady work, excellent wages, an excellent benefit package and a safe work environment.

We work hard for all of our quality-minded, reliable and motivated tradespeople to make sure they have work.  As long as you are finished with your assignment, that you have flexibility you need to do personal business or take on the occasional side job without losing your standing with us.

With Ultimate tradesmen, you eliminate the constant cycle of “starting over” every time you change companies.  Though you get a wide variety of work and experience, all of your hours, benefits and seniority is not lost with us.

You can go to work with the knowledge that there is a stable company behind you, looking out for you and that you will be paid on time, and will always be able to cash your checks!

We are building a workforce that is second to none and one that you will be proud to be a part of!


Select your industry from the list below and view some examples of the most popular positions we recruit for skills like yours across the nation.

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Partner with the Ultimate Tradesmen and Trades women and see why we will be your best asset for all of your Construction Staffing needs!